Finding whether drinking milk is good or bad

Many folks have a habit of drinking milk in the morning time or before a bed or both the times. Drinking milk is a healthy factor according to many person’s view but there are also some essential considerations available about drinking milk on the daily basis.

Nutritional basics:

Whenever you are considering the nutrients in the milk, they include calcium, protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, riboflavin, vitamin B12 and also the potassium mineral. You can also get these kinds of nutrients from some other beverages and foods but the milk offers them in a single package. Additionally, the vitamin D present in the milk helps you absorbing the calcium which is harder to find in some other kinds of foods. According to the recent studies, many people especially children have the calcium deficiency and they are not taking enough calcium rich foods or drinks. This is why it is highly suggested drinking milk on the daily basis.

Everyone has a question in their mind is that does milk make you stronger enough with full of calcium and nutrients. It is absolutely true because the cow’s milk is full of calcium and nutrients in order to make you stronger and healthier at all. If you are drinking the skim milk or non-fat milk, it usually contains only 90 calories, 30 % of calcium necessary for you in a day, 8 g of protein and 25 % of vitamin D needed for your body. When you are consuming whole milk, it contains highest amount of calories and fat about 146 calories and 8 grams of fat. Whether it is an adult or kid drinking the skim milk, you can probably avoid extra cholesterol, calories and saturated fat to be healthy at all.

The hormone issue regarding drinking milk:

There are unnecessary hormones available in the cow’s milk and most of the people are worrying about these unwanted hormones. The cows naturally produce the bST hormone for the stimulation of the milk production. Some of the dairy farmers are providing the synthetic form of this hormone which is rBST to enhance the production of the milk in their cows. As the result, this synthetic hormone also presents in the cow’s milk. This unnecessary hormone is harmful to the human body and it may lead to causing cancer and some other types of the medical problems.

In order to avoid it, most of the countries have banned the dairy farmers from using rBST on their cows. When you would like to get the whole health benefits of the cow’s milk and you want to avoid these unnecessary hormones, first of all you should find an organic label. When the cow’s milk is labelled organic, it means that no hormones are injected to the cows and the milk is only produced natural by eating more amounts of grass. Organic cow’s milk is only healthy for the humans and makes you stronger and healthier at all with full of nutrients and calcium.